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187 Fly Knees

187 Fly Knees

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187 Fly Knee Pads feature a low-profile design with a superior foam pad, for a streamlined fit with excellent impact resistance. The contoured shape and slide-on style allows them to fit snug and cradle your knee, giving you close protection without restricting movement. And the caps are all size-specific, so they fit close to the pad without added bulk.

187 Fly Knee Pads are made with the same high-quality craftsmanship as the 187 Pro Knee Pads and Pro Derby Knee Pads, but in a streamlined design for a slimmer, smaller fit. The outer lining features industrial-stitched ballistic nylon for extreme durability, while the inner liner is seamless and soft for comfort against the knee. The most versatile knee pad for roller derby, skateboarding, and has great crossover for any number of action sports.
187 Fly pads are excellent for outdoor street skating! Great for all roller sports, or anytime you don't want extra bulk!

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