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Heartbreak Boutique is nestled in the heart of Saint John's uptown core at 94 Germain St.  We opened our doors for the first time on my birthday,  June 1, 2012, and I've got to tell you, it was the best present I ever gave myself! Any day that you stop in you will find me here bopping around to some rockabilly tunes, or if you are really lucky you will find my handsome husband behind the counter.

I am Pamela Wheaton, owner/operator, and this shop is my dream come true. I have always loved fashion, how it can be timeless but also ever changing, how you can express yourself with your wardrobe, how it is art and function combined. In particular I love vintage inspired design - classic style, but with updated and unexpected twists. I also played Roller Derby for 6 years and it was a huge part of my life,  so it just made sense to be to combine my two passions into one great little shop. 

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